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Be patient... by destelloscuro
Be patient...
I almost forgot about it! I submitted the currently-working drawing a few weeks ago, but I didn't submit the finished one! So here it is. CaptainSwan, once again, dear Oncers. I love this scene. Not just because I'm a hooker and an ugly duckling myself. I truly think that this moment was BEAUTIFUL, esthetically talking. Anyway, hope you like it!

Captain Hook and Emma Swan belong to the ABC channel ;)
Community: Annie and Jeff by destelloscuro
Community: Annie and Jeff
I discovered this tv series thanks to a friend who recommended them to me. Well, I'm glad I listened to him. It's a fantastic show. And these two are the best haha ;) Oh, and Troy and Abed. For sure.

Community belongs to the NBC. And now, it also belongs to Yahoo!
Elsa by destelloscuro
Let it goooo let it gooooo :music: The cold never bothered me anyway :D Elsa, Queen of Arendelle! She's a fantastic character right? A heroine! And a wonderful sister ^^ Frozen - HUG! And I'll rise like the break of dawn! Pleased frozen elsa icon Frozen - Elsa's Coronation Elsa Knows Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) 

Elsa belongs to Disney, FROZEN! :snowflake:

Hope you like it :)
Our favourite couple, CaptainSwaners by destelloscuro
Our favourite couple, CaptainSwaners
Aaaaah I drew this some moths ago and now that I'm ready to start with the new season (just 30 days left before Frozen comes to OUAT!)I decided to post it. Okay, I love this couple, that was clear. And what will happen to them now during this new season? It's gonna be pretty interesting! :la:

Hook and Emma belong to Once Upon A Time (abc) Captain Hook smile 

Hope you like it! :D
Weeeeeeeeell hello there! I can't believe I''ve been out for so long. This year has been pretty stressful for me, I've been so busy and with less time than ever for my dA stuff and my hobbies (except from TV, because I've watched so many series). Honestly, school is not good! ;) But who cares, now I've passed all the exams, I'm ready to start University in a few days and I've lived so many experiences this summer (and the whole year). My prom, travelling with friends, the exams!, meeting new people, choosing my future... :la: Everything is so exciting!

Anyway, now I guess I'll have more time for these kind of things if I organize myself properly. Maybe I'm not gonna be able to post journals and things like that, but I'll try to upload my new drawings and answer your comments :blowkiss:

How to resume my year? Well: prom and friends, that's the key. New responsabilities thanks to my scout group (and I love them all) and a lot of bad stuff to study (eew) :iconstudyplz: oh, and TV series! I've watched a lot of them, in fact, here's the list with all the ones I've watched since last September: Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, the Mentalist, Being Human, Torchwood, Arrow, Glee, Veronica Mars, Intelligence, Lost, the Killing, the Legend of Korra, Being Human, Lost in Austen, Sherlock... Now I'm currently watching The 100, Person of Interest, Breaking Bad and Supernatural. And you know why? Because I love them, okay, but also because I've chosen to study these kind of things. I'm gonna study Audiovisual Communication, because I would love to create new episodes of new shows, write them, directing them, being part of that BIG something that is the world of fiction. Or at least, talk about them! Working in a magazine :3 That's my new dream, you know?

And travel a lot! Meeting new people! *oh gosh, I'm out of my mind right?* This summer I've been in Taizé, a place in France where lots of young people from all over the world go and share experiences and pray together. I went there with some scout friends, and I've enjoyed it so much :) really guys, it's been incredible. And I went to my summer camp too, as a kind-of-help for the leaders ^^ And I also went to the beach and the mountain with these scout friends I have. So it's been the summer of my life, you know? You can't blame me for not being online, I haven't had a choice :D hahaha

I love you guys, I'm happy because I'm baaaaack! Hope to know about your summers as well :love: :iconsuperheroglompplz:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
This is me: left-handed, scout, catholic, gleek, whovian, oncer, writer, shadowhunter, lostie, marshmallow, sheeranator and reader in general. Rox/Dew/Violet Fiedstone or Anna Morgan as alias.
Currently studying: Audiovisual Communication

Twitter account: @Roesdestello13 :icontwitterplz:

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